The Club

Frant Bowls Club is based in Frant, East Sussex. Its green is adjacent to Frant Memorial Hall and is on the Bells Yew Green Road on the opposite side to the cricket pitch. For GPS users the post code is TN3 9ED. Please go to the location page for a map or directions.

Frant Bowls Club September 2021

Everyone - experienced or absolute beginner, young or old, is made welcome to the club. Equipment is supplied and all we ask is that you wear shoes without heels. If you are new to the game then we are able to offer unofficial coaching by experienced bowlers.

Ordinarily matches are played most Saturday afternoons and Wednesday evenings during the outdoor season, which starts around the middle of April and continues until mid September. Informal roll-up sessions for members and non-members are normally held from 4.30pm on Tuesdays. Please feel free to contact one of the contacts listed.

There is an associated short mat club which is based in Frant Memorial Hall where roll-ups are held most Tuesdays and Thursdays during the winter season unless there is a match on that day.

The Green

Our green has had a hard time during 2021 but although the budget is reduced from previous years some autumn maintenance work has been done already. If we can afford it, we hope to have it verti-drained too. It is hoped that this would prevent the invasion of the black fungus film that prevented proper drainage early in 2021. For now, it is time to apply some TLC to the old (winter) mower and keep our fingers crossed it makes it to the beginning of the 2022 season. I read an article recently about a museum acquisition of a Ransomes Mk 5A mower that was thought to be one of a few surviving examples of this model. Guess what we're still using in the winter?

A Social Interval

Norman Connolly, considerably helped by his wife Christine, put on an excellent Curry Lunch for us recently. Choices of Chicken, Lamb, Vegetable Curries, and even a couple of Non-Curry Curries were served. These were followed by some excellent puddings prepared by some of our lady members. Coffee along with some Indian sweets followed. Liz Holloway put on an excellent raffle where everyone seemed to win a prize. Jeff and Chris set up a well-supported bar. At ticket price of £12.50 this meal was tremendous value.

We were limited to 30 diners only to reflect necessary Covid precautions. Even so some £500 was added to club funds!

2021 season

As far as matches are concerned, the 2021 season started with a flourish, has a tricky mid-season and ended well. Weather and the inability of home and away teams to raise enough players marred the middle of the season but some good matches were played in the last few weeks. The final match was at Deanland. Their green had not survived the season well and had just been verticut in two diagonal directions in an attempt to eliminate some troublesome weed growth. Nevertheless we managed to win on all three rinks and finished off with drinks in the sun with some of the opposition.

Roll-ups have not been successful this season. Even when the weather has been ideal very few have taken part. This has not helped with bar takings although a couple of members have tried their best. I'm not saying who they are, but I often play snooker with the other one.

With luck, our (belated) centenary year in 2022 will engender more enthusiasm and perhaps give us the opportunity to run a campaign to encourage some newcomers to take up the sport.


By A. F.

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink seems a touch old hat today. Nudging though is definitely in! Can we really nudge people into changing long ingrained habits? Or maybe nudge them into doing something beneficial for everyone and not least for themselves?

I was reading an article the other day which cited an experiment by a university involving lifts. They added a sixteen second delay before the doors closed to see if more people used the stairs. They did. No real surprise there. But what was especially interesting was when the lifts returned to normal many people continued to use the stairs. Thus cutting energy costs and raising peoples' fitness levels.

So could we be nudged into improving our bowling? Suppose as a suggestion before bowling we were nudged into getting just a wee bit lower before releasing the wood. What though about you - yes you the one who has read this item so far - are you a nudger? or rather could you be nudged into improving your bowling? Any suggestions for helpful nudging to improve our bowling most welcome. Just contact our WebMaster Chris.